My name is Christabel Ikpen and I am an International Speaker, Life Coach, Author, and a Mental Health Advocate.
I’ve been blessed to work with some reputable brands, organizations, and some very amazing individuals.
I’m passionate about people living their best lives, excelling in their businesses, and of course taking charge of their mental health. 
You can say I’m your go-to issue fixer. LOL
Having struggled with depression for years, I was finally able to get back on my feet. My newest book tells you how I did and am doing it. Maybe you aren’t depressed, probably you aren’t finding fulfillment in your career, business, relationships. You feel within you that you are meant for so much more and that you can make more money thereby living your best life, take this as a sign, book an appointment.
I’m a strong advocate for mental well-being as without it, you’re just a mess. (Now, Let’s fix that!)
Do you want to live your best life?
That’s what I am about.